Brand Stewardship begins with branding experts who can encourage and empower you as an accountable leader of your brand. The strategy developed by an agency will steer your marketing efforts to enhance your company’s culture and business efforts.


1. Respect 

Respect your brand proposition and positioning: Beyond your brand visuals, what does your brand stand for? What is the brand purpose? Is it behaving consistently across all channels and tactics? How has the competition evolved from when you launched? Is it still in the position you aimed for?


2. Stay True

Are the visual standards being upheld on all touch points, both conceptually and in quality? Is the authenticity of your brand being over-simplified, or are you cheaping out on quick and dirty solutions? Is your brand getting lost while following trends? Show restraint and stay focused by setting up internal meetings a few times a year to review and measure your marketing efforts  against your Brand Standards and Strategy.


3. Honour 

Honour your brand: Consistent product, performance, tone and messaging and marketing are key. Are your brand expressions consistent?


4. Plan for the Future

Brand extensions to new products or services as you grow are fun and exciting, but do they strengthen your brand meaning or weaken it? Determine your business aspirations and design a plan and architecture you can grow into. 


5. Care

Keep your team close! Consistency on brand marketing and sales teams who clearly understand the brand goals and target audiences are irreplaceable. Their intimate knowledge of your business and first hand knowledge of your customer combined with a real  stake in your overall success will insight and inspire your continued growth.


6. Courage

Great ideas aren’t born from fear, so push every idea you have to the very edge,  without losing it.