Brand Strategy Foundations For A New Era


Engaging the interconnections between businesses, customers and design to insight opportunities in this new era after years of social anxiety, uncertainty about the future, blurred boundaries of time and space, mass decentralization, and economic and environmental concerns. The pandemic reinforced the idea that challenging problems require creative thinking. It will be paramount to carry this through as we invest in collaborative problem solving to prioritize health, wellness and the planet: The key for a thriving business and brand in this new era.

Brand Foundations

The Customer: A Primary Source of Insight

The heart and pulse of your business, without them, your business cannot possibly survive. Understanding who they are, and discovering their unmet needs is essential to insipiring business ideas and their marketing expressions.

Customer Research and interviews to develop personas can take weeks or months depending on your venture. Collaborating with external resources and design teams to engage in observations and empathic conversations with you and your audience puts creative expertize a step closer to the audience they are attracting in brand creation.

All that is required is active listening, keen observations and a genuine interest in their lifestyles, habits, thoughts, feelings, needs, and interests to insight new product launches, services, and brand creative.


The Business: Differentiation By Design

Your community of experts in premium customer service, operational excellence, and innovation shape the enterprise and culture of your business. All of these are designed into the framework of a business however, without identifying your competitive difference your brand idea and creative expressions won’t be unique.

Defining your unique selling proposition. starts with asking “why”. Now, more than ever, brands must dig deep to find higher truths above the bottom line. Their values, beliefs and aspirations need to be sustainable and provable. These articulations will serve as a guide for all future brand decisions, operations, co-branding, collaborations and marketing tactics.

Once the brand differentiation and persona are crystal clear, design improvisation across marketing tactics can be accomplished with ease attracting the right audience across environments both digital and real.


The Environment: Culture And Connection

The landscape in which your brand will live, compete and depend upon to thrive across digital and living worlds is rich with culture. Whether you have a consumer packaged good or a brick and mortar retail presence, what was once physical now has a highly competitive digital and cookie-less world to defeat.

An in-depth competitive analysis will reveal sparkling pieces of insight and opportunities to win where your competitors are weaker. This process of observation identifies the patterns of similarities and differences across touchpoints bringing awareness to environments where your brand culture and idea best integrate to disrupt, provoke curiousity, and be memorable.

After working through these foundations, you will have the tools to craft a unique and creative brand idea. One that connects to target customers, guides your company and culture, and out-maneuvers competition across platforms and touchpoints with ease while considering the ultimate impact it will have on this new interconnected world.