We’ve worked with giant, global firms. We’ve worked with tiny little start ups and pretty much everyone else in between.
We’re really good at a lot of things but most of all we’re exceptional in the arts of conversation and active listening.
Until we really understand your business goals we can’t really do much for you. Oh sure, we can toss some stuff in front of you
but you’re pretty quickly going to figure out that it doesn’t really resonate or yield results. So we are intentionally provocative.
We aim to disrupt and strive to meet what will completely harmonize with your long term vision.


We help shape your vision, define your beliefs, and establish your purpose. We craft a unique identity that differentiates you from your competition and create a plan for how to connect your business to the people it serves.


We iconify what makes your business unique. We build loyalty and connection by establishing a compelling and cohesive brand identity that resonates with your target.


Through the art of visual persuasion, we translate unique, ground-breaking thinking into powerful designs that inspire change.

Our Methodology


Uncover truths,
market insights and
opportunities for

Brand Audit
Idea Definition
Brand Mentors


Establish a future
plan based on research
to identify and inspire
the brand vision
as a whole.

Brand Strategy
Brand Persona
Customer Persona
Competitive Audit


articulate and visualize the brand for all
consumer touchpoints.

Brand Idea
Brand Direction
Brand Architecture
Brand World Look
+ Feel


Perfectly execute, co-ordinate and
align the wholistic vision for meaningful customer connection.

Product Design +
Service Design + Production
Experience Design + Production


Considering your brand
as a living breathing
entity, we provide
support and guidance.

Brand Stewardship
Creative Consultations
Strategic Alignments

Shaping Futures

We’re dedicated to raising creative expertise in Canada by participating in Global Design Competitions and sharing our
expertise. We donate a portion of our profits to Sketch,
a community arts centre for homeless youth so that they can experience the transformative power
of the arts to cultivate social and environmental change.